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Divide and Conquer= The Way To War

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Divide and conquer... We hear it all the time, usually in reference on how to work more efficiently to complete a task. There is power in doing so. So, why do we allow Satan to do this very thing to us? We let him divide the kingdom, propping believer against believer, sect against sect, and denomination against denomination. We now HATE others based on what political stance they have, traditions they practice, and what race they we born into. Ironically, each side of the spectrum claims that the other side is the author of these evils, that "racism only comes from conservatives, that "vandalism only comes from liberals", and that both sides are.... "Uneducated and stupid."

True, some stereo-types may have SOME truth, although most of the time they are not based in fact, and are used to hurt others. However, in this current political and religious climate, these stereo-types and assumptions have now became truths, undeniable and unquestionable. Dare to move away from the mainstream thinking (or lack there of),and you lose credibility, respect, and sometimes even opportunities. To think that in one of the freest countries on Earth, we actually have the most unstable relationships, political views, and religious views.

Therefore, predictably, both sides have effectively abandoned all reason, all evidence, and all truths. And in doing so, we have effectively sat aside our values, our beliefs, and our morals. We claim that we have not done so, but then we must ask ourselves, " When was the last time that we prayed for our neighbors? Our friends? Our enemies?" Have we practiced these FOUNDATIONAL Christian commandments?

In fact, we have done precisely the opposite of what we have been instructed. Instead we have IGNORED our neighbor, ENVIED our friends, and HATED our enemies. We have made alliances with others based on words, not actions. So, were does this saga of drama, violence, and hypocrisy end? It ends with you.

As a Christian, we are called to be the light to the world, the salt, the chosen people of God. We are to model our lives after Jesus, to love, genuinely, on others. We are called to bring resources to those without, and minister to those about who Jesus is, not about who the next president should be. We are supposed to help the Samaritan on the street, not hurt him as we walk past. We are meant to respect the law as Daniel did, yet not bow to it when it is oppressive and unjust.

So instead of letting Satan continue to divide and concur our family of Christ, we must allow God to build and strengthen our relationships that we have, laying a firm foundation that he can build for our family of Christ. God will provide our forgiveness and our strength, but only if we ask for it. So instead of dwelling in self pity, or self-absorption, let us focus on God's word and allow for him to change our attitudes, our beliefs, and our our loyalties. As proud as I am to be American, let us change our primary focus and citizenship to the Kingdom of God. There we will find a kingdom with eternal life, justice, and mercy, and a king worthy of his office. We will find life, liberty, and happiness, and we will all be in only one party, this one a celebration of our unanimously elected KING OF KINGS! Jesus Christ.

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