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Is Money Really The Root of All Evil?

What good is life if we squander it pursuing money? Is money truly the root of all evil?

As consumers we often decide our actions, our thoughts, and our opinions on others based upon how much money they are worth. In essence, we chose to serve money, and blatantly disrespect God in the process.

After all, we "know", money CAN buy happiness! It can purchase extravagant trips around the world, exotic foods that overwhelm the senses, and luxurious cars and homes that shelter from the elements. All of these things are great of course, and are not inherently evil. Traveling the world as a wealthy person does not dishonor God, but what does dishonor God is when we prioritize the PRODUCTS of our financial blessings over the God who supplies our financial blessings.

Don’t let anyone lie to you, money buys us what our flesh desires, and our flesh desires: self-worth, autonomy, and ultimately self-worship and we use money as a vehicle to fuel these desires, ultimately achieving a sense of contentment, and happiness, knowing we have met our fleshly needs by ourselves, without the help of others!

Everything we do as human beings points back to ourselves, rather than God, and money is the guise we hide behind to proclaim control of our lives, and tout our provision of joy and comfort for ourselves.

Too many times we hear and use the term “self-made”, yet we forget that the person who is “self-made” first had to be “divinely made” in the image of God and that they were individually formed by the hand of God.

Despite this, as consumers we measure ourselves not by the works and craftsmanship of God, but instead by the earnings and “worth” of mankind.

You see, money is the measurer of man. It is the rod in which we compare earthly success. Even as Christians we trick ourselves into thinking it is the only indication of brilliance, wisdom and comfort, as we completely ignore the value of our faith.

It is no coincidence that we call someone who is rich “Well Off” in today’s society.

As consumers, we see money not only as the tool to obtain happiness, and not only the label of success, but also as a solution to our problems!

Too hot when you sleep at night?

No worries! Just buy a new five-thousand-dollar A/C unit.

Cramped in your “small” three-bedroom house!

Not an issue! You can always upgrade to the bigger house down the street, since money isn’t a problem!

You fell at your local Super Market?

Don’t worry, with the settlement you’ll receive you won’t ever have to work another day in your life!

You see the pattern? Although these are basic examples of the situations we encounter, they all show our reliance on money to be our savior. No matter the situation we face, and regardless of if we are RICH or POOR, we look towards money, or the chance to receive more of it, as a means to escape our discomfort!

To be clear, money is not “the root of all evil” as some may claim. It can be used to advance the Kingdom of God, and although it cannot solve ALL of your problems as mentioned above, God does allow us to use it as a tool to solve SOME of the many problems we may face in today's consumeristic society we live in.

He allows us to use money as a means to meet our needs, and other’s needs as well, but it is imperative that we realize that it does not mean it was provided by our worthiness or for our worthiness.

No, as Christians, we must believe it is a provision FROM God, and we must make absolutely sure that it does not BECOME God!

So again, I ask the question: What good is life if we squander it serving ourselves by serving money? Is our self-worth not greater than digits in our Bank Accounts, or the cars that we drive?

If we believe in Jesus’s eventual return and the end times, we would know that money will not be of value. Every person, rich or poor, will bow and confess with their hearts and tongues that Jesus is Lord.

No matter how much money you make, it will never exempt you from this simple truth!

In the end, the rich and powerful will pass away, as they always have. The amount of money you have may be able to buy you extra time with better healthcare, and provide you easier living conditions, but the truth is this: One day you will bow to the Lord, and have to give an account of your life, not an account of your account! So, choose what you serve wisely!

In the end money is a tool, and much like the tongue, the outcome of its use is ALWAYS the product of the heart. Maybe that is why many consider money evil, because it often reflects the evil actions and broken heart of the consumer. Money is NOT evil, but how we use it and the ways we obtain it can be. I think that’s why they use the term “put your money where your mouth is!”

Writers Note: If you are searching for you worth, remember, it does not come from the amount of money you make, or the amount of money in your bank. The truth is that our worth is in God and his plan for our lives. I don’t know God’s plan for you, they are individually crafted and beautiful, but remember, if you know God, then you simply have to ask him for his plan. He will reveal it!

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