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Noise and Craziness Keep Us From Fulfillment

Updated: Jan 24

Earlier today I was watching a show on TV that really got me thinking about something. It was a court drama TV show, clearly staged, and broadcasted in the Spanish language. It became clear to me that I would not understand much, however, even if I did know Spanish, I don't think it would have mattered. This show was filled with drama, and yelling, arguing, and other distraught measures in an effort to build enough drama to keep viewers interested. "Why are we interested in this stuff?", I thought, however, I started to realize that I fall for it multiple times a day in my own daily life.

In fact, most entertainment sources we watch do this, all the way from WWE and NFL, all the way to CNN and Fox News. Unfortunately, we live in a age where lying is glorified over truth, an age where ignorance is praised as "wokeness" and where calm demeanor is determined to be lame, uncool, and even unpatriotic. I sat today thinking, why is this? Why does society prop up talking heads and pundits, while real- talented, moralistic people remain maimed and quieted.

I have found my conclusion. Because most people who exemplify manners and a calm demeanor have values. And, It is harder to profit as an honest man. Yet it is also harder to profit against an honest man. The truth is the more noice someone makes, the more attention they get, however, this should not be the case. Just think for a second about all the industries that people feel mistreated by.... Car sales, vacation and timeshare rentals, politics, insurance sales, the list goes on and on.... What is one thing that they all have in common? They all are PROS at talking. And if you do not have wisdom and discernment, you too can fall into their silly traps and mind-games.

Yet, when an honest man is confronted by these people's practices, he does not conform as the others. Sure, he may remain vocal about issues and things that he has to deal with. But there is one thing he does it with. Sincerity. He ACTUALLY believes what he is saying to you, and he does not fluff up his message. He or she does not waste their time bickering or complaining, rather, they put their head down and plan to resolve whatever matter they believe it through hard work and dignity, not through raising the volume on their own words.

Let us mark today as the day that we start judging others by actions not words, by values and virtues and not flattery, and by respect and dignity rather than their radical "fluffy" opinions. It is time to stand up and speak for what is right, what we believe in as Christians, and what we believe to be God's true word. We should not do it in a loud detestable manner, rather we should do it in a controlled, loving way that embraces all people, yet exposes their problems and their need for God's divine help and redemption in their lives. Only then can we be happy with ourselves, and happy as a nation under God's favor once more.

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