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Purpose needs to be purposeful

I struggle with many things in life, as does everyone else on the planet. But one of the things that I have realized that we all struggle with is follow-through, finishing what I start. Sure, some of us are more dedicated than others which has driven our success higher than others, but I can almost promise you that many of us, regardless of how dedicated we may be, have issues following through. It can be financially, spiritually, or in regards to family, but we must admit, we all have problems following through on something in our lives.

Recently I have been struggling myself to understand what my purpose is. I continue to ask God to give me a sign or a reason to find out what I have to do with my life, and to give me a new direction on where I am to be heading. Ironically, I recently realized that God will not give me more or less of a purpose than I already have. And how have I been following through with the current purpose he has given me? NOT GOOD.

I have been gifted with special abilities, yet I decide to use them either for myself, or I get lazy and decide to not use them at all. IT REALLY IS A SHAME. Jesus will not show me the next steps until I complete my CURRENT purpose in my CURRENT position WITH purpose.

We all have to do a better job of following through, and a better job of finishing what we start. IF we all do that, the world would be a better place, filled with more Christ like people, and more Christians. So today, I challenge myself and I challenge you to find and fulfill your purpose with purpose, and finish the race strong, so that way we can be ready for more responsibilities that God will hand us!

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