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Rest: Sought After But Hard to Find.

Rest is something that we need. Yet we struggle to find it. Once again like many of our topics we discuss, it is so simple, yet unattainable to many.

I hear some people say that they need to keep busy, that they are busy bodies, that they have to much to do in too little time. I am one of these people. I always have another dream, another thing I want to do, another writing or video I want to create. But recently I have had some thought, as I have had time on my hands waiting for my job to start again. I recognize that sometimes, busy isn't always better. We might think that we are being more productive, however, rest is important to productivity.

Think about it, world-class athletes rest in between training to allow muscles to recover and come back stronger. Workers take breaks between or during shifts. Car's need breaks after a long day of driving. Computers need rest and rebooted time to work properly. Everything needs to rest to continue working well.

Even God rested after creating the Earth. He may or may not have been tired(God has no limits) however, he still rested. Why was the case? Most likely because he wanted to show his followers how to properly recharge, and to take the Sabbath to worship him. Needless to say, we need to rest, at least on the Sabbath, if not more.

That is it for this blog post, Ill keep this one short and sweet. I am not going to tell you how to do it, because I am still figuring it out. I will say though, that rest is a necessity, and we need to follow the Biblical principle to ensure that we are being the best men and women we can be. If we follow Biblical principles and follow God's rest pattern, we can grow stronger with Christ, while becoming more productive and patient people!

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