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The Three Trees- Our purpose fulfilled

Hey guys, first off I wanted to say I am encouraged and excited by the success that we are seeing on this site! We have had about 100 visitors a day visiting our site a day from countries and regions all over the world. Thanks guys, and no matter where you are tuning in from, we are here for you as brothers and sisters in christ.

I wanted to share a brief story that I recently heard for the first time in a while that summarizes how we should be serving Jesus as our lord and savior. It is the story of the three trees, and it is a story that my family reads every year as we gather to Celebrate Jesus birth and Christmas. It is the story of the three trees.

Basically, there were 3 trees at the top of a mountain that grew together. They wanted all to serve different purposes. The first tree wanted to become a treasure chest. The second had dreams about becoming a mighty ship that would sail crossed the seas. And the third one wanted to stay there on the mountain top and become a tall strong tree that would point up to God.

Unfortunately, the three trees would soon be cut down, and due to their immaturity, they were not fit to fill the purpose of their dreams.

The first tree would become a through. It believed that it failed at its missions, and that it would never hold anything valuable, just animal food and water. Right as the tree was thinking this, Mary and Joseph gave birth to Jesus, and place the newborn child in the animal feeding through as there was no place in the inn at night. just then, the tree knew it's purpose had been fulfilled, and that it held the most valuable treasure in the universe, Jesus, Son of God.

The second tree couldn't be made into a vessel, but it was made into a humble fishing vessel. Just as it was doubting its purpose as a small boat instead of a ship, a storm came and frightened the passengers on it. Just then, one of the passengers woke from a nap, and calmed the seas by the power in his voice. Just then, the second tree knew that it had become a mighty ship to the most important captain and crew to ever live, Jesus Christ and his disciples crossing the sea.

The third tree had been chopped, and laid dormant for a long long time in a work shop. The tree believed that it would waste away, useless. And suddenly, the tree was fashioned into a cross. "Great, I will now be used to kill a man, most likely a criminal too. I can never again be a sign and point to God." Just as the "criminal" was hung to the 3rd tree who was now a cross, a sign was nailed into it, stating that hanging on it was " Jesus, king of the Jews." Shocked and humbled, the tree now knew that in fact it did serve its purpose, and that it would become a symbol of Christ for the rest of time, a cross reminding us what our savior did to redeem his creation.

The point of the story is that no matter where we are, no matter if we haven't measured up to our dreams, and no matter if we are what was expected originally from us, we still must be patient as trust God's time and purpose in our lives. The trees ended up fulfilling their purpose and ended up being used in a better, far more powerful way than the way that they originally intended. Sometimes we wont reach our dreams or at least reach them the way we want to, and that is okay! Because honestly, our plans aren't as good as God's, and our ways are not as high as his ways. Therefore, we must remain vigilant for his calling in our lives, and trust him to take us where he leads us. We must remain humble, patient, and ready for his next move.

Until then, I urge you as brothers and sisters in Christ to continue praying, continue following, and continue talking about Jesus and what he has done for you. Only then can we change the world in a way we want to that better serves out God. Follow your dreams, but most importantly follow God and the direction that we provides for us as believers.

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